East Pond

East Pond, a large pond in the headwaters of the Belgrade Lakes chain, is the site of year-round recreational activity. Private and commercial camps surround the pond. The short travel time from Waterville and Augusta makes this a popular boating, swimming, and fishing destination. The East Pond fishery is quite diverse. There have been reports of excellent catches of both warmwater and cold water species. Warmwater sportfish are sustained through natural reproduction. Bass grow to exceptional sizes here and many trophy fish are caught each year.

State of Maine website, East Pond, accessed May 31, 2024, https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/lake-survey-maps/somerset/east_pond.pdf

East Pond

East Pond Boat Launch

  • Town: Oakland
  • 84 East Pond Landing, Oakland
  • Type of Ramp: Hard
  • Width: 10'
  • Length: 36'
  • Grade: 8%
  • Ownership: DIFW, State
  • Float: No
  • Parking Spaces (Rig & Vehicle): Rig 10, Vehicle 11
  • Toilets: No
  • Lat & Long: 44.5964/-69.7661
East Pond Boat Launch
East Pond Parking

Photos from East Pond